Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Beginnings

Quentin was now on the edge of the precipice. He knew there was no way back once he took the step. It was essential that he moved forward. The history clawed at him, there was no going back once he made the dive. He felt the stirrings of emotions and memories as he contemplated his next step...

He waited in the area with no future and no past. He had the strange feeling that the Universe was swirling around him, calling to him. He knew he was beyond all that. He had to leap.

Quentin was no longer human in many ways. His cells were dispersed over a wide vector--- all carrying the basic information that made him a 'person'. If it could be called that. He had the basic information which made him 'human'; the remembrances of a world and time past. 

He resembled what the old world would have called 'a galaxy' - more in design than actual function, but it did not matter. He looked on as he savored his existence. It was likely he would not exist soon. He would take the fatal step towards further evolution. Maybe he would 'die'.

Quentin was millions of years old. Years calculated in the old Earth time. Before they had realized that time was immaterial. Ethereal. A construct created by the brain and perception. The dimensional twist was all there was now.

Quentin dived without any further fanfare. It was done. He was going to either create a new Universe or perish in the attempt.

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