Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cycle of life

The deep red sea washed against the sandy shore. The sounds of the waves crashing against the rocks did little to change his mood, but he sat there looking out at the sea anyway. This was his place of repose, where he came when he wanted some peace and quiet; away from it all.

The night was coming, he could feel it.. the sun sinking slowly down over the horizon. He stretched and remembered he had to get something to eat soon. Diving into the red sea, he moved with grace and power as he looked around for fish.

Before long he chanced upon a shoal of large fish. He could feel his body responding automatically to the change in the sea.. the sulfurous taste entered his consciousness. It felt good.

His dexterity allowed him to catch enough for a meal and he slid the fish into a pouch as he moved into deeper water. Here the redness was diluted to a pinkish-orange.

Climbing rapidly out of the water, he adjusted his directional compass and calculated where his home would be. He was very close, he could feel it. Climbing on board his floating home, he got down to the business of eating.

The fish was a genetic mutation. It was similar to a jellyfish, but that was not unusual. The new species had not been named. They still used the old nomenclature. Fish worked as good as anything else, and it tasted great.

Some of the past years had been hard, but he had survived. His mother had taught him well before she had to leave. But she did help him build his home. It was very comfortable.

As the day turned to night, he turned off the lights powered by the waves and cleaned his hands; his mind wandering - oh yes what was the name the previous apex species had for them? Otters.... he was an Otter. And he was part of the apex species on Earth. It was the cycle of life.


  1. Awesome story, I can visualize all of it and almost here the water coming up on the shore
    Great writing ;-)

  2. Thank you JudysVictory, glad you liked it :)