Sunday, September 23, 2012

Coming of Age

The day after was her Birthday. She was excited and nervous! What would it be like? She would soon be an 'adult' and this was to be her coming of age birthday. It was a momentous occasion and she could hardly breathe, she was so overwhelmed by it. Her stupid brother of 12 years old walked into the room and said something about 'making a big deal out of everything.' She ignored him. He was just trying to get a rise out of her, and responding to his prodding would only encourage him.

Birthdays had passed really quickly for Sanea and she was not very sure she was ready to be an adult yet, but her parents told her she was ready. She got dressed in her simplesuit just let it cover her like a second skin and tied her hair back. She would not be needing anything else for her coming of age, and soon she would be an adult, just like her parents.

Sanea's education had been compressed into her 16 years, a wealth of information passed on to her by the datasharer while she learned the basic concepts of balance, enjoying tactile information. It would soon be lost to her. She walked all the way to her parent's place; they were waiting for her and they all entered the small vehicle which zipped all the way to the facility made for adulthood.

In a few minutes, the facility doors opened and they made their way into the facility, a white-coated attendant led her away into a large organism-machine which seemed to be blowing out a whole lot of air. She sat inside as she had seen people do that on the datasharer vids and the familiar entity enveloped her rapidly, spinning nanobot febrile strands  which glistened as they got to work.

Her parents watched her closely as she went under...

When Sanea woke from her induced coma, she was an adult. She walked upto her parents and her father smiled at her, his flowmetal face cracking into a relieved smile, echoing her own dull crimson smile. She was now what they called t-human with all that it entailed! She was almost a superhuman.

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