Saturday, December 1, 2012

They are coming....

Peter was sitting on his desk, thinking how to write his new piece.  He was a writer for one of the burgeoning  online news sites, and he had a deadline of 12 o'clock to post his story. With just a few hours to go, it made his job hard, he had lost all inspiration. It was a feeling of deep disappointment after the months of anticipation which had led to this point.

The Aliens had been spotted by the Large Array Telescope. They had clearly used FTL, and had appeared suddenly at a point just beyond Mars. From there, they had used the Sun's power to travel the rest of the distance to the Earth. Once in orbit, they just sat there. All efforts at communication had been limited to brief, cryptic replies, which left everyone confounded. The worst was when the President had asked the Aliens for a meeting. They had replied it was not necessary. They were just not interested. They were here to observe, nothing more.

The people were in a frenzy. All manner of news and rumors flooded the internet. But the governments worldwide had very little actual news to share. The Aliens were reticent. Almost uncommunicative. Peter was not happy. He had to have a story!

His Editor Sally called and asked him if he had a story. He assured her he was working on it. It would be ready by the deadline. He needed something!

In the Atlantic Ocean, something was afoot. A fishing boat had reported unusual foggy conditions and huge shoals of Dolphins which seemed to be heading right for the center of the fog. There were rumors that this had something to do with the Aliens. Peter seized on this tenuous thread and began writing.... "How the Aliens are affecting animal life on Earth".

In the middle of the fog, the teleporter beam picked up the individual Dolphin who had volunteered to meet with the Aliens. They were very excited, this was First Contact!

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