Thursday, December 13, 2012


Gesina was sweating with the effort of digging continuously for over ten standard hours. It was backbreaking work, even with the highly modified form that she possessed. The gleaming claws shook with the effort as her 'feet' anchored themselves to the hard bedrock of M3RR2, a meteor which was zooming away from the Sun.

Gesina was a miner;  her genetic and biological modifications allowed her to work for long hours in practically any environment. The constant juddering of her claws drilling into the rock shook her giant crab-like frame. Her claw shuddered and stopped, it had hit something hard. She quietly turned off the entertainment  she had accessed and scuttled off for a break. It had begun to get to her.  Her ship was anchored close by, and she anchored her ungainly body as she plugged into it for some peace and quiet.

Gesina had never been on Earth, she had not wanted to really confront something so alien to her, she had no roots there, unlike her parents. Her body highly modified and she needed to breathe only while she was at her ship. Her large wings extended, she waited as they adjusted to follow the Sun.

In a world close by lived Shadel, one of the originals. He was older than most humans, m-humans and other species which the breaking had spawned. He was no more than information, but somewhere there was the core of him, which had been secreted away and preserved for eons. In  an earlier life, he used to be wealthy beyond belief. Now he was an original, a by-product of his immense wealth and he had managed to purchase immortality. He virtually owned the meteor which Gesina was working on, along with all the m-humans who collected precious minerals around the M3R area, which was his fiefdom.

He connected to Gesina. She got a slight jolt as the signal shocked her into awareness "Your next assignment is M33R20.... to be completed asap." She got back to work, in her head she was fantasizing plotting an uprising against the originals.


  1. Modified human looking like a crab??!!
    More modified animal with human mind. *shudder*

  2. I definitely would not want to be on the wrong side of that conflict. An uprising from someone like Gesina with those modifications would be very interesting to see/read. That is one of things I like about flash fiction like this, it opens up a whole wealth of possibilities that your mind can fill in for you long after the last word is read.

    1. Yes, it does. I wrote this piece with the intention of setting up a conflict. Glad you like it Niamh and thanks for the comment!

  3. i like this short novel. just fine to read and to give my fantasy a jump-start. maybe even for a new painting!
    cheers from Berlin