Sunday, October 11, 2015

Conjunction: Multiversal objects - Episode 5

Mary was worried about Tessa and called the University. Karl told her that Tessa had been doing well, though he wasn't sure what she was working on. Mary decided to visit the University and called a cab. She hoped that Tessa was fine.

Tessa had worked with Jane for the past week and a half. She wanted to know what exactly she had done wrong. Jane explained patiently "You need to walk before you run Tess, the old establishment will not take to a undergrad challenging their dearly held theories. And you need to have some more evidence, if not support." She looked distressed. Tessa nodded "They don't even want to listen. This time I will come back with the math ." She had a set to her jaw, an obstinate and unmoving streak that Jane was secretly quite envious of. Jane set down the equation she was working on "You need to make it compact. We are working on esoteric math, but all the great theories have been described in some of the simplest equations." Tessa stared at her, her brain working "By its very nature, if we assume fundamental particle are multi-universal objects, we will have to perforce use polymorphic structures to describe the multi-versal phenomena.  But I have a better idea." She began to draw a triangle and then projected it along various axes. Some which were not even in the original frame of reference. "What if a Universe is actually a frame of reference? That would make for an interesting analogy." Jane stared, fascinated as this slip of a girl just kept pushing the boundaries.

Jane met with Professor Hector, around the same time that Mary disembarked from her cab and strode along the cobbled pathway to the University dormitories. Jane had been working with Tessa for some time now, but Tessa left her far behind. At some stage, Jane wasn't able to keep up. She told Professor Hector that he needed to step in. Professor Hector looked troubled "Yes, I assumed as much. That young kid needs to take it slower, or she will burn herself out." He strode out of his lab, and nearly banged into Mary who had Tessa in tow. Mary apologized and launched into her request that Tessa be better taken care of. Professor Hector smiled "We have been telling her to go slow as well Mary, she is driven, like a lot of us are. I will speak to the young prodigy." Tessa smiled. She was going to work with Professor Hector. She was already getting the feeling that Jane's enthusiasm was flagging and she did not want to get into an argument with her roomie.

When Mary left, it was just the Professor and Tessa in his lab, and she feverishly sifted papers as she showed him her math and what she had been working on. Professor Hector was impressed. She seemed to have a real grip on her theory. But what if the math was incorrect? What if he was also getting carried away by Tessa's enthusiasm? He asked her to look for evidence. For support. Tessa grinned "I have just the plan to give you what you want." He looked nonplussed. Tessa elucidated "If what I am saying is true, then each fundamental particle will exist in many Universes at the same time. That will explain why gravity is weak in our universe. Why particles get quantum entangled. Why some particles have mass, and others do not. When I say parallel Universes, they are not the popular version of alternate reality. They are actually Universes in which gravity is a strong force, one in which electromagnetism is a weak force, another in which electrons are massless. A lot of these Universes cannot exist, but some can, and the only way to 'prove' it does is create a computer program. Feed in all the data, and look at how Universes will look. Then we can postulate these Universes." She looked pleased. Professor Hector realized that he needed help to manage this. He told Tessa that he would call Dr.Green again. She shook her head "I want to publish this. Help me, and we can publish it together." The Professor realized that there was no going back with his prodigy. He looked resigned "Okay let's work on the computer program to test your hypothesis." They got to work.

In another part of the world, Liam was a computer visualization expert who was reading Professor Hector's requirement for a data visualization and multiversal object programming researcher. He submitted his resume. This was exactly the kind of cutting-edge stuff he had wanted to work on all his life. He got a response in minutes. There was this researcher called Tessa who would interview him in a few hours. He got to preparing for the interview.

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