Friday, April 4, 2014

Quantum Dreams - II

Hamil was determined. After months of following his own dream of the quantum nature of particles, he was convinced he had hit upon something. The underlying geometry of the how an incident beam would react was now burned in his brain. But he was missing something. Something vital. And he did not remember what the particles had told him in his dream. The elusive answer bothered him.

He sat hunched over his desk, doodling on a scrap piece of paper while he stared at the wall lost in his thoughts. Radha walked in and saw him daydreaming. She leaned against the table and grinned "Bet you're thinking of how the Xylem and Phloem work." Radha, a biologist of some note, was his long-suffering better half. But she enjoyed ribbing Hamil mercilessly. Hamil smiled back "Of course, how did you guess?" He got up and they got around to doing the chores which they almost always relegated to last place; to be done only when alarms started to sound.

After dinner, Hamil was back at it. This time he decided to study a line of work which had fascinated him, cavitation of bubbles. The short-lived nature of the bubbles was something that had mystified researchers for some time... and worse, the intense heat of cavitation was something which had been even more of a mystery. He was reading of the times bubble fusion had been debunked, and he dug ever deeper into the story. A number of scientists had tried and failed to explain the phenomenon. He put on an audio file and closed his eyes as he listened to the result. Fusion was mentioned and then discarded.

Hamil had drifted off while listening. He nodded off....

Radha was working on her computer, updating her blog on a recent finding in the field of photosynthesis and decided to get herself a cup of tea. She wore her soft slippers and padded off to the kitchen and noticed Hamil with his head on his desk. She shook her head affectionately and smiled. Chamomile tea would be excellent. She would add honey to sweeten it. "Honey why don't you get into bed."

Hamil awoke with a start... He got it! He remembered his dream! He grabbed a pen and started to write on his desk furiously. It was so clear to him! He wrote for about half an hour. It had exhausted him mentally. He got up stared in fascination. One line stared at him.... "Each bubble is an expansion or inflation akin to the Big Bang." It sounded incredible.. even to him. It implied that each bubble was a universe!

He would have to bounce this crazy idea off Radha. Would he be able to explain it even to her?

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